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The Mars residence is located in the hills of St Andrew, Jamaica in the community of Millsborough. This house is a further exploration to define a Tropical modern aesthetic which is a fulfillment of our design ethos. As part of a gated community, this house is situated with views towards the inner Jacks Hills and green lush mountains.  Careful attention was paid in siting the house which involved virtual modeling and placing the spaces to match the terrain of the land. This was done to decrease site modification to reduce infrastructural  costs. Raised-on piers and retaining walls were used to reduce the foundations used in construction. The open plan design coupled with double story volume and huge expanses of glass, promotes natural lighting thoroughout the entire living space. All spaces allow for the enjoyment of the magical outdoor view. The butterfly roof will be used to catch and reuse rain water. Air movement through high louvered windows provides natural ventilation and lower energy costs.



Gwest Medical is a four story medical complex built at the Fair View commercial park in Montego Bay Jamaica. The building is designed as medical complex that is a centre for specialized medical services with rental-able commercial office spaces for persons in the medical profession. This structure of building was originally designed by HMRW Architects and we were asked to complete a number of interior spaces and fit them out with specialized medical equipment to meet internal standards and accreditation. This project required our design and project management services for the implementation for the Surgery Centre and In patient wards for the centre. The design involved working with the Baptist Hospital in the United States to ensure that the accreditation is achieved and all guidelines are implemented.



This house is one of the original model units in the community of Mona heights in Kingston Jamaica. This housing development was built in the 1960s and is the most successful housing development in the history of social housing projects in Jamaica. The size of the original rooms of this units have proven to be inadequate for modern living and the owners sought to improve the external appearance and enlarge rooms to suite the need other family. This project is a renovation and expansion to a modern aesthetic design to be executed in phases as resources become available to client.



The aim was to provide a solution to address the dated facilities being utilised by the SERVOL team at its Pembroke Street office, which is one of over 20 throughout Trinidad & Tobago. We undertook a complete technical upgrade of the facilities inclusive of both renovation and new construction works. The design rationale was heavily hinged on the programmatic requirements of the various departments, which includes a Parent Outreach Program (P.O.P), Kindergarten Classroom with amenities, Guard and Reception, Hospitality Classroom, General Assembly Hall, Toilet Block, Children’s Play Area and a Parking Lot. Other aspects of the design rationale included marrying the programme with the urban fabric of the capital city and addressing the immediate context of neighbouring Lord Harris Square and Pembroke Street; the client’s ethos inclusive of rebranding the company’s identity; and creating an environment indicative of LEED requirements. The firm’s role included architectural services, project management and LEED AP Services. The project was completed within budget and on time to meet the happy faces of staff and children starting the new school term.



Located in POS off the busy thoroughfare, Mucurapo Road, the Bethel Fundamental Baptist Church redesign and renovation reclaimed the lost presence it once held in the immediate community and environs.

The church is redesigned to facilitate an additional 20% of its congregation and added components such as a sleeping quarters, office, library and counseling room, multi-lateral spaces, and a roof terrace which overlooks the city with a view to the sea.

In the retranslation of the design, it was important to capture and reflect the fundamentals of the baptist church while paying homage to the site surroundings, street, passers-by and its predecessor structure.

The very restrictive site in a very dense area made this project unique and exciting. Some of the sustainable features incorporated are low-impact parking, rainwater harvesting, low-SRI materials, and a reduced surface water post-discharge rate.



Engaged by CRCCL, FORM Architects’ assignment was to provide architectural specifications for the Arima Hospital. The specification package included Administrative Requirements, Contractual Procedures, Sustainable Requisites, FF&E, and all architectural elements external and internal to the building.



Located in South Valsayn, Trinidad, the language of this family home is a modern take on the Mediterranean revival style which is known for its grandeur and asymmetrical visual elements. This four-bedroom home was designed to present a stately frontage along two faces of a corner lot while cradling a hidden oasis in the backyard. Employed in this design are sustainable features such as, rain water harvesting, solar water heating, provisions for solar panels, permeable hard surfaces, LED lighting, to name a few.

As with all our projects, we paid close attention to the client’s budget, wants and needs throughout the design stages to enable the clients to “Dream it Real” – R. Santo.



Located on Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Central Trinidad, the organising thought behind the redesign of Yara’s Maintenance Change and Washroom facility was centred around the company’s Visual Identity.  The design recruited an approach that was “simple, optimistic, human, organized and united” – Yara, February 2017.

The facility is designed to cater for approximately 200 users with core facilities such as shower suites, a locker room, a janitor and storage component and the associated water closets and urinals. Pertinent to the design was the treatment of and approach to the façade. The site for the Washroom Facility has a strong corner presence and is in itself a landmark. It was therefore instrumental to layer Yara’s brand identity, and in particular the spiral growth, on to the main façade. The corner presence and the treatment of the façade presented an opportunity to forge  Yara’s signature into the fabric of its landscape and people.



YEAR : 2017 LOCATION : Westmoreland, Jamaica CATEGORY : Residential



YEAR : 2015 LOCATION : Kingston, Jamaica CATEGORY : Civic